Monday, January 11, 2010

Change left navigation lable ,display order on custom entity

This blog will help you to customize your left navigation pane settings found on entity record. Like shown in below screen shot. You can change the order as well as label shown over here but note that this functionality will only apply on custom entity and not on system entity.

This is CRM functionality where you can change the display label and order of the list on the left navigation. Following below steps for this:

- Go to Settings --> Customization --> Customize entities and open the entity of which the related entities label you need to change. (see below the screen) here we have displayed changes in the account-opportunity bid.

- Go to 1:n relationships and open the related entity and find “Navigation pane item for primary entity” section on page (see below the screen).

- In this section you have see four fields as follows:
o Display Option: In this fields contain three option select “Use Custom label”.
o Custom label: Enter your text
o Display area : Select the display area such as details, Service, sales , marketing .
o Display Order: Enter order number which is set the order of the displayed list.
- After that publish it and open the record and check the changes.

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