Friday, June 5, 2009

How to re-assign records of one user to another user in Dynamics CRM

Sometimes when one of the users is no longer associated with the company or if the responsibilities of a user is changed, there is a need to re-assign all records of this user to another user.

Steps to re-assign records:

1. Open the User Form of the user whose records need to be re-assigned.

2. Choose the Re-assign Records menu option from the Actions menu

3. From the form options that come up choose the option to select the user.

This will re-assign all records of the user to another user. This does away with the need to manually create views for each type of entities and then assign it to other users.


  1. do you know if this feature re-assigns closed/inactive records too or just open records?

  2. If you have set cascading role to “Cascade all” then all the records including closed/inactive will be set to the new user.