Monday, February 14, 2011

Create and Update events for the appointment entity

You will notice that if you register a plugin on the Create or Update event of an appointment in the Parent Pipeline, the plugins do not fire. When you create an appointment in CRM it is set to the status of “Scheduled” implying an appointment has been scheduled.

To trap create and update of Appointment through CRM you need to trap the Book Request and Reschedule request respectively.

When you run the diagnostic tool you would find that the Book Request is fired. It will show up the following xml.


  1. Is this for CRM 4 or CRM 5? On a related note, do you know how I could set an appointment state to 'scheduled' in CRM 5? I am having some trouble doing it through a Silverlight Application.


  2. To set the appointment state in Silverlight you will need to use the CRM SOAP service. CRM ODATA service does not allow you to change the state of a record.

    Using SOAP service you need to execute the SetState request.