Monday, June 24, 2013

How to set Set ChartColorPalette.

We have ChartColorPalette property of charts to set different color palettes. If you do not want to specify custom colors for palette, at that time you can use following specified palettes.

The ChartColorPalette represents the palettes to be used for the root Chart object and any Series objects. If no colors are assigned to data points and their associated series, the default colors will be assigned to the data

Normally Chart palette is set to None means No palette is used and specified custom colors for chart. As shown below.

To avoid specifying custom colors you can set palette property values as follows. For that you need to change chart XML file and import that chart again.

Note: if you specify both Palette value(other than None) and PaletteCustomColors then Palette will overwrite PaletteCustomColors.

We have following values to set palette colors.

·         Berry - Palette will use blue and purple shades.


    Bright - Palette will use bright colors.

·         BrightPastel - Palette will use bright pastel colors shades.

           Chocolate - Palette will use shades of brown.

·         Earth Tones - Palette will use earth tone colors such as green and brown.


           Excel - Palette will use Excel-style colors.

·         Fire - Palette will use red, orange and yellow colors.

·         Gray scale -  Palette will use grayscale colors like shades of black and white.

·         Light - Palette will use light colors.

·         Pastel - Palette will use pastel colors.

·         SeaGreen - Palette will use colors that range from green to blue.

·         SemiTransparent - Palette will use semi-transparent colors.

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