Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maplytics Dashboards

Today we will demonstrate a simple though very useful feature of our flagship product Maplytics, which is Dashboards. Maplytics Dashboards provides a fast and easy way to view and communicate business data in a visual format.

Maplytics is a plug and play application made available as Managed solution that can be easily installed and uninstalled without affecting other CRM components. Maplytics is a Geo-Analytics tool designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011(Online/On-Premise/IFD/Office 365) using the API services provided by Bing maps.

Maplytics Dashboards make it simple for sales, marketing, and customer service people to create dashboards on the fly—so they can spend more time acting on critical data, and less time gathering it.

Here we have taken an example of Appointments; Maplytics Dashboard will provide you with detailed information of the appointment scheduled with the contact for that day.

Another example could be for Cases to be resolved today or your sales pipeline which is shown in below screen shot.

As we are always looking for ways to better understand our data and showing data on Map alone like new leads within the month, monthly sales; provides quick and easy insights. However it doesn’t allow you to see trends like new leads within this month, new accounts within this month, volume of sales. Maplytics provides you with a feature called Heat Map. Heat map is an Advanced Map based visualization which allows better analysis of such data.

Thus Maplytics will provide you with easy insights with trends being followed and would also help you to serve your customer better in every possible way.

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