Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reports Not Working After Upgrade to CRM 2011

I have worked on various upgrades and none have really had issues with the reports not working. I make sure that the SRS Data Connector is installed without fail. 

When you install CRM with the SQL server being separate from the CRM server, the setup does not automatically prompt you to install Reporting Services Extensions. You need to manually copy the  SrsDataConnector folder found in the CRM install directory to your SQL server. Run SetupSRSDataConnector.exe from there. This will prompt you to select the SQL server and the Reporting Server instance and go ahead and install all the reports for you.

In my case this was already done and yet the Sub-Reports did not work. The main reports would work but the moment we clicked on Show More Details that would require the sub-report to be executed, it would throw an error "Details could not be displayed as the sub-report could not be found". The Event viewer recorded the following error

Report render failure. Error: The item '/SharedReports/5.0.xxxx/{6177ee54-f42e-e011-a793-001ec9bbc670}' cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound)

Checking the Report Server using http://server/Reports showed that though the sub-report was present in that folder it had a different Guid than the one shown in the event viewer.

Since this was an upgrade, I thought it might still be using CRM 4 Guids and publishing the reports again would probably fix the issue. I found "PublishReports.exe" in the tools folder of CRM Installation directory. 

Executed that exe from command prompt using publishreports.exe uniqueorgname

It showed that it published some reports but that did not resolve my problem :(

I then came across this post that helped me reset the setting in MSCRM_Config database .

There is a setting in MSCRM_Config --> Organization table "AreReportsPublished". You need to set the value of this attribute to 0/False. This will be get the PublishReports to publish the reports once again.

After making this change, executing the PublishReports.exe tool helped in get my reports working again!

No matter how many upgrades you work on.... each one is a different case :)

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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Geez this is a big help.

    Now, onto the next problem "Report cannot be displayed. (rsProcessingAborted)